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Meeting Themes

Meeting Themes:

- "Mineral resources and sostenibility"

- "Cultural Heritage "

- "Replacement, dissolution and recrystallization on low temperature systems"

- "Water-rock interaction and environmental quality"

- "Caracterization and clay genesis"

- "Open sessions": Open sessions (related to crystallography, clays, mineralogy, petrology, geochemistry topics) will be organized for all acepted abstracts.


The following specialist keynote speakers are invited for each session:

Jose Pedro Calvo Sorando. Spanish Geological Survey, IGME (Spain)
"Current context of mining and its impact in Spain "

Dr. Giora Rytwo. Department of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Tel Hai Academic College (Israel)
"Clay minerals as an ancient nanotechnology: Past and future in the use of clay-organic interactions"

Dr. Crisogono Vasconcelos. ETH-Zentrum. Geologisches Institut. Zurich (Switzerland)
"Is dolomite a biomineral and the implications?"

Dr. Jacques Schott. CNR Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse (France)
"Quantification of the kinetics of water-rock interactions from the atomic to the field scale"

Dr. Martine Buatier. Département des Géosciences. UFR des Sciences et des Techniques, Besançon Cedex (France)
"Clay Minerals : a key for deciphering fluid/sediment interactions in oceanic
hydrothermal systems"