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Alojamiento Accommodation
Día Mañana Tarde

"Electron back-scattered diffraction (EBSD) in the SEM: applications to microstructures in minerals and rocks and recent technological advancements".
Elisabetta Mariani. Liverpool University, UK.

"TEM in Geology. Basics and applications"
Fernando Nieto. Universidad de Granada, Spain.

"X-Ray Absortion Spectroscopy in Mineralogy and in the Earth and Environmental Sciences"
Jesús Chaboy Nalda. CSIC-Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain.

"Raman, Conventional Infrared and Synchrotron Infrared Spectroscopy in Mineralogy and Geochemistry: Basics and Applications"
Biliana Gasharova. Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Germany.

Seminario (cont.)
"Alike as two water drops: distinguishing one source of the same substance from another"
Clemente Recio. Universidad de Salamanca, Spain.

"Radiogenic isotopes and their applications within a range of scientific fields"
Kjell Bilström. Laboratory of Isotope Geology. Stockholm, Sweden.

"Analytical techniques applied to fluid inclusion studies"

Salvador Morales. Universidad de Granada, Spain.

19:00: Acto de apertura


9:00 Conferencia Plenaria
"Quantification of the kinetics of water-rock interactions from the atomic to the field scale"
Jacques Schott. CNR Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France

11:00 Conferencia Plenaria
"Clays and Nanotechnology"
Gyora Rytwo. School of Environmental Sciences and Technology. el-Hai Technological College, Israel

16:00 Conferencia Plenaria
Is dolomite a biomineral and the implications?
Crisogono Vasconcelos. ETH-Zentrum. Geologisches Institut, Zurich, Switzerland

19.15 h. Asamblea de la SEA


10:00 Conferencia Plenaria
“Clay Minerals: a key for deciphering fluid/sediment interactions in oceanic hydrothermal systems”
Martine Buatier. Département des Géosciences. UFR des Sciences et des Techniques, Besançon Cedex (France)

11.30 h. Sesión de Paneles

16:00 Conferencia Plenaria
"Contexto actual de la minería y sus repercusiones en España"
José Pedro Calvo Sorando. IGME (España)

19.00 h. Clausura SEM-SEA 2008

19.15 h. Asamblea de la SEM

21.30 h. Cena SEM-SEA 2008
Visita al yacimiento de Ojos Negros (Teruel-Guadalajara)