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Call for Papers

Potential speakers are invited to submit an Abstract (in spanish or english) for consideration by the Convenors of each session. The submission of an Abstract does not necessarily imply that the paper will be selected for delivery at the Meeting. The selection of papers to be presented will be made by the Scientific Committee and their decision will be final.

Deadline for the receipt of Abstracts is 30th May 2008

Each registered author is allowed to submitt one contribution but is also allowed to be coauthor of any other contribution submitted by another registered author. You may be asked to accept changes to your Abstract by the convenors of the session. Upon receipt of the changes and your registration for the conference your Abstract will be included in the Meeting Volume.

The Abstract should be submitted electronically to the Chairman, Dra. Blanca Bauluz, at, indicating whether your presentation is for oral or poster sessions. Posters dimension: 2 m (high) x 1 m (wide).

A Template will be provided for you to use in preparing your Abstract. A sample abstract is also provided for your guidance.

a zip file containing both abstract template and fonts. REMEMBER, the maximum legth is 2 pages.

sample abstract in pdf format.

IMA symbols for rock- and ore- forming minerals